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FOREVER NEW with its latest trend at Garuda Mall


Sundressing.... select brands from Garuda Mall after a long winter Spell...

After a long winter spell in most parts of the country the sun is finally shining. Holi marks the end of winter and onset of summer. And summer is here indeed – fashion-ably speaking. Dresses and skirts now replace the bulky jackets and jeans. Letting go of the layering is a painful thought but thanks to Bangalore. Winter is never really gone and there is always enough chill in the air that allows you to do some light layering without marinating yourself.
Now, a lot of us are very conscious about our body type and think that wearing dresses is something that is fit only for petite girls. So most of us end up wearing jeans for almost all year through. But ladies there are so many types of dresses that flatter all body types and if you try to let go of your inhibitions and explore the beautiful world of dresses you would find something you feel good in. Skater dresses works wonders for an hourglass figure.
Team white printed sundress with navy blue jacket for a day look. This is a perfect…

Rayban for a good summer at Garuda Mall