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P.U.R.E. Products Upcycled, Recycled & Economised now at Garuda Mall

Plastics are a major issue in the environment. The non-degradable components of plastic are building up due to the large quantities of garbage. To avoid this try replacing plastics whenever possible. Stores like the Pure store are encouraging the use of materials that can be an alternative to the plastics. There are various natural elements present in our surrounding which can be used for this purpose. With the help of these, we can not only control the use of plastic and lessen the garbage production but also will be able to leave an amazing environment for the upcoming generation.
The non- degradable elements of plastics cannot be disposed off. As a result, they were initially being burned out to control the garbage collection. This leads to emission of dangerous gasses that lead to air pollution. The various natural elements like bamboo, paper, water hyacinth strings, coconut shell, and cotton linings can be used as an alternative for the plastics. A large number of people are part…

Forever 21

Garuda Mall is all set to brighten up your New Year with various shopping bonanza. The forever 21-first store in South India has been launched for the people in Bangalore to check out the various trendy accessories and clothing section, which will certainly make you feel younger. The Garuda Mall has the best offers and jaw dropping discounts that will surely let you have the best shopping experience you could ever have.

The clothing brands have various experimental clothes specialized for the winters that are out now in the shops. You must grab the dazzling bright party wears, from the branded stores. There are exclusive offers on clothes, accessories and various stuff. Rush to the stores to enjoy the exclusive collections of various brands for the first time in Bangalore. Forever 21 is well known for offering the latest trends and style. The Shopaholics and the others can check out the stock on the ground floor of the Garuda mall timings: 10 am to 9.30pm on weekdays and weekends. Th…

Forever for everyone … Shopping is just so quick

Looking for the best place to shop for this Festive Season search ends up here at the Garuda Mall. Experience the best shopping environment with unbelievable shopping offers. This mall has a long list of amazing shopping deals available on the leading brands. Check out the wide range of the new collection for the winters and the festival season here in the stores of Jashn, Soch, Forever 21, Baggit, and Reebok. Avail the discount rates for the brands.  A huge collection of new clothes and accessories are available in the various branded shops here at Garuda mall.

You can enjoy a variety of deals all in one place at once here at Garuda mall. The excellent facilities and bumper offers on various products. Other than shopping, you can also experience the entertainment and adventures, fun that the Garuda mall has to offer its customers out here. Find out everything you desire here in Garuda mall with great discounts on all the major brands. Enjoy the wide range of events organized for the p…