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From Pieces to Peace!

If you’re asked to name the one thing that is the most essential for one’s survival, your answer would probably be oxygen. And rightly so, Garuda Mall’s spa and salon is very aptly named O2. The spa culture, that started out in the European nations, has today spread out far and wide across the world and is progressing in a big way in our very own country. So if you’re a working professional who’s bogged down by daily travel and work pressure, or if you’re a stressed out homemaker who’s always busy balancing work and family, or if you’re a businessperson whose tension lines are getting more prominent by the day, or basically anyone who needs some quality time off, then it’s time for you to head to Garuda Mall, because we have the perfect solution for you.
O2’s spa treatments are customized to suit a wide range of clients. The jet-lag recovery package for frequent fliers, the precious time together package for the metropolitan couple who crave for some time together, the Male Escape pack…

Fabulously Desi

Every time you walk into a Fabindia store, the one thing that sticks to your mind is how desi can be so chic. The look and the feel, the ambience, the merchandise and the decor- everything has an earthy Indian touch to it, and that is exactly what sets Fabindia apart from its contemporaries.
What started out as an initiative to promote India’s craft traditions, has today become one of the leading lifestyle brands giving global brands a stiff competition. Fabindia was started fifty years ago to create a bridge between rural craft producers and urban markets. Over the years, they have successfully transitioned from a small scale private company to a franchise that pans across India and boasts of retail stores in some of the most reputed commercial areas of the country. One of these stores is, of course, located in our very own Garuda Mall.
Fabindia offers an array of products ranging from clothing and personal care products to home decor and furniture. Walk in to the store and treat yours…

This autumn, Tommy will figure your wardrobe!

It’s the peak of monsoon and it’s already raining brands in Garuda Mall. The newest entry into this list came with the inauguration of the Tommy Hilfiger store this September. The eagerly awaited opening of the store has taken the already sky-high brand value of Garuda to newer heights.  
The store opens up with Tommy Hilfiger’s latest fall collection dramatically titled, “La vie en rope”. It’s that time of the year, when a lot of us embark on adventurous trips across India and abroad. The latest collection from the franchise offers the perfect blend of chic and outdoors. And don’t worry, there’s something in store for men, women and children. It’s a perfect shopping getaway!
Women, as always, have it best. Jackets, overcoats, cardigans, skirts, mufflers and bottoms in all-American hues. The Great Escape collection will make you want to set about on an Indiana Jones-like exploit. Marine shades, luxe tweeds and earthy colours, you will surely be spoilt for choice.   
The autumn-wear line …

A Cup Of Romance

It was a rainy August afternoon in 2006. He was walking across the road from Garuda Mall, trying to shield himself from the rain with his school bag, when he spotted her. She was standing right in front of the mall holding a rainbow coloured umbrella, in all probability waiting for someone. He could make out from her uniform that she studied in the sister school of his alma mater, the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. They had something in common already.
From that day onwards, he started taking the Magrath Road everyday back from school just to catch a glimpse of her. By then, she had started noticing him too. After a few weeks, he finally walked up to her and asked for a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day in Garuda. After some hesitation, she politely obliged and went along with him. And that, was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.
They met there everyday, for the next few months. They bonded over the crunchy frappe, held hands sipping Darjeeling tea, fought over Kaapi Nirvana and had e…

Fashion Tips for Monsoons

With an aggressive and persistent monsoon this year, most fashion enthusiasts are finding it a bit difficult to adjust with their dressing requirements. Unsurprisingly, creative and fashionable folks have of late started creating trends even for the rainy season too. Some of the hottest tips from the industry experts are being discussed below:

First things First – Monsoon is always unpredictable, and hence appropriate measures must be taken accordingly. A slight hint of downpour and light fabrics must be chosen over heavy denims. Chiffons, malmals and georgettes are perfect as they dry fast and does not cause health problems like cold.Short Play – Lengthy pants get drenched easily on the lower parts which adds to the inconvenience of the wearer. Cutting them short can make a fashion statement of being playful. Ladies can flaunt their sexy legs with a pinch of colorful capris.
Hairstyle – Monsoons are unforgiving towards hair. Prolonged wetness of hair can potentially lead to dullness, …

The Jewelry Culture and Market

Jewelry is an essential part of any culture worldwide, be it fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. It is essentially worn as an ornament for adornment. It plays a significant role in special occasions and events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries etc. Fine jewelry is deemed as wealth due to its exclusive and glamorous nature. It is also a manifestation of being married. On the contrary, costume jewelry may be used as a signage of being part of an ethnic or religious group. Types & Details Jewelry is classified under two major categories – Fine jewelry and Fashion (Costume) jewelry. Fine jewelry include the likes of expensive sets made of costly parts like diamond and gold, while costume jewelry is much cheaper and is used for complementing a costume or garment. The designing aspect remains the same for both the types and requires creativity to create uniqueness. Some of the commonly used constituents in jewelry are gold, silver, bronze, plati…

Garuda Shopping Festival - 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, It’s that time of the year again! The Garuda Shopping Festival is back in town and this time it is going to be bigger, better and more extravagant than ever before. With massive sales, superb entertainment and loads of surprises, the festival promises a gala time for all ages.
Over the past few years, this annual festival has carved a niche for itself among all Bangaloreans. The festival has hosted fashion shows, singing competitions, classical dance performances, dances from around the world and so much more. There is always something for everybody here. Celebrities from across India have graced its stage with their presence. Raghu Dixit’s performance in the 2010 edition is still etched in our hearts. Watch out for what we have in store for you this year!
For all you shopaholics out there, the festival brings to you the year’s biggest discounts on some of the biggest brands, and offers that you just can’t refuse. And since the festive season is r…