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Voice Of Bangalore Season 7 - A Blissful Evening with the Quarter Finalist :)

Awe!!! Feels like am flying high up in the air, as the fabulous lively talent hunt was organized in Bangalore. Brilliant Spectrum of talent hums in Garuda Mall. While the friends surrounded the contestants motivating, parents listening to their children practicing just before they stepped in for their audition and some listening to their beloved performing , an awe-inspiring experience.

Hunt for singing talent takes you on a trip of musical dips and curves where contestants expect the unexpected and always end up loving it as they strap themselves and hang on for their turn.
This was the case during the Voice of Bangalore Auditions at Garuda Mall when the Contestants performed showcasing their talent to Mr. Rajesh Krishnan - Namma Musical Guru of Sandalwood!!
This reality television series in which aspiring singers compete for a recording opportunity and a shot at wealth and fame is one of the most-watched shows in the city. A-stylized showcase for talented contestants, usually corre…

GarudaMall: Garuda: A Husband's Delight!

GarudaMall: Garuda: A Husband's Delight!: Ever walked into a mall and spotted innumerable men subjected to torture as they walk along, wait outside or doze off on the sofa of the ...

Garuda: A Husband's Delight!

Ever walked into a mall and spotted innumerable men subjected to torture as they walk along, wait outside or doze off on the sofa of the store where their wife/girlfriend is busy shopping? I’m 101% sure that you have. If you’re one of them or know someone with a similar plight, here’s a list of the top 7 alternative entertainment options at Garuda mall for all you men.
1. William Pen- If you’re into reading and writing, this store offers an assortment of stationery, instruments, books and collectible analog elements. Maybe you’ll find something interesting!
2. U.S. Polo Assn./Shopper’s Stop/Westside- You can indulge a little and pamper yourself with some new additions to your wardrobe with the wide collection at U.S. Polo Assn. and the men’s section at Shopper’s Stop and Westside.
3. Dev’s Jewelry- Did your wife ask your opinion on whether or not she’s looking fat in an outfit she was trying out, and you gave an inconvincing reply and got yourself thrown out of the store? Visit Dev’s Jew…

A slice of Mango for your wardrobe

It’s the end of summer and the festive season is almost here. If you think that you’re wardrobe requires a brand new makeover, then all you need to do is get out on the road and take your first mode of conveyance to Garuda mall’s outlet of MANGO! In case you need a quick sneak peak into what the store has to offer, here’s a list of the 5 things you definitely need to check out on your next trip there.
1. The Fall Collection- MANGO’s Fall 2014 collection is here and if you need to give your wardrobe a Parisian touch, then this is where you need to head. The store has in stock an array of jackets, pullovers, cardigans and sweaters to choose from. Don’t forget to try out the scarves.
2. The Summer Sale- The summer end of season sale is also going on. You can prep yourself for the next summer by indulging in some very affordable shopping, with the summer merchandise available at almost half the retail prices. Go girl, splurge on some trousers, shirts, dresses and sandals!
3. Premium Collecti…

The 9 Types of people you find at Garuda Mall

1. The Shoppers- These are the people who actually come to the mall to shop! They make the journey from the entrance to the billing counter; the ones who actually walk out the stores with bags.
2. The Depressed Husband- This is the society of the poor husbands who wait endlessly as their wives spend hours picking, trying and deciding on what to purchase. The only time this group of people plays an active role is at the time of payment.
3. The Couple- You’ll find this absolutely in-love couple walking around the mall hand-in-hand, lost in conversation. You can occasionally spot them at the food court. Watch out for them clicking selfies.
4. The Family- The mall is a picnic-spot for these families. They shop, they watch movies, they eat, they sit around and make merry. They block the way in the elevators; the aunties struggle with the escalators. But it’s adorable to see some family-bonding time like that.
5. The College Kids- These are the bunch of college and high school kids who think th…

Garden City to Mall City

Bangalore was nicknamed as “Garden City” which was also once called pensioner’s paradise was then called the “Silicon City” or the” IT HUB” with its increasing industrial growth, however with the number of malls expanding in the city Bangalore will soon be called the “Mall City” Bangalore owns about 25 malls with upcoming 31 new malls. So Bangalore will stand to have atleast 56 malls in another 5 years. However for most of them in the city, it’s just not the holidays or shopping without a mall visit. M.G.Road and Brigade Road are jostled for a Friday party and weekend shopping blitz, debuting a Flea Market in Desi style and selfies. Parking lots are crowded whatever the season and reason is. A mix of shopping, eating, movies and entertainment under one roof has turned malls across the city into tourism magnets and coined the phrase “destination malls.”  “Shopping centers and malls, are now something more than just a place for the sales of goods,”. “This trend has increased industry-wide”.…